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Many FAU-G players want to change their name but they are not getting any option to change the name.

How to change my name in faug game

Today we are talking about the "Fearless and United Guards" game which we can also call "FAU-G" it is an online multiplayer action game created by nCore Games with headquarter in Bengaluru. This game was pre-registration before its official launch, in which it also made a record that the record was the highest pre-restoration in 24hours on the play store.

After installing this game you have to add your own name after accept terms and conditions then you can play this game. When this game was launched a lot of people had put their name in hurry, but now they want to change their name.

But right now you can't change your name in the FAU-G game because no option has been given officially from the FAU-G game, so many people have the question that how to change my name in the FAU-G game? 

Some people have clear the data and cache of the game also uninstall the game and install it again, the name will remain the same which you had added earlier Until an official update comes from the FAU-G game, no one can change their name.

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