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Today we are going to do a very important comparison between Samsung Galaxy s21+ and iPhone 12 pro. 

iPhone 12 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21+: Specs Comparison

Samsung s21+ is priced at 81,000/- and iPhone 12 pro is priced at 1,20,000/- The difference between the price of these two phones is almost 40,000/ - so a new smartphone will come.

Design comparison between Samsung s21+ & iPhone 12 pro

So let's start with the design a Samsung Galaxy s21+ is a big phone and it is not uncomfortable at all and speaking of looks the camera module is very impressive here we have 3 cameras in ring style and you can see how the camera module of Samsung Galaxy s21+ goes into the melting frame in it and the finish of the back panel is mate which glows and that gives it a lot of luxurious look. If we talk about the iPhone 12 pro it also comes with a very good design the back panel is full mate and the camera module design is the first to be seen in the iPhone 11 Pro and this time in the iPhone 12 Pro. This is the same design but the frame of the mobile is in square design so it becomes clear here that Samsung Galaxy s21+ is the best in terms of design.

Colors of Samsung s21+ and iPhone 12 pro

Talk about color options so we have three colors option in Samsung Galaxy s21+ phantom black, phantom violet, phantom silver and all three colors comes in mate which also glow, talk about the iPhone 12 pro color options, so there are also three color options in it which comes with Blue Black and Gold in which Gold is a new color.

Colours of Samsung galaxy s21+ and iphone 12pro

Accessories of Samsung s21+ and iPhone 12pro

If we talk about the accessories and see who gets more accessories in the market, then Samsung galaxy s21+ covers, back panels and screen glass's get lots of options also iPhone 12 pro have many accessories options from the beginning. but iPhone 12 pro has a lighting port so you can't connect external devices but Samsung Galaxy s21+ has type C port so you can connect external things like a pen drive and dongle.

Display of Samsung s21+ and iPhone 12pro

Both have IP rating and gorilla glass protection. when seen in front Samsung Galaxy s21+ have punch hole camera which comes with infinity O design. Also comes with refresh rate And that is also a variable refresh rate that can go below to 120Hz so that the battery can be saved, iphone 12 pro gets the normal 60Hz refresh rate.

if you see the screen size Samsung Galaxy s21+ have 6.7inch dynamic edge to edge screen, while on the other side iPhone 12 pro have 6.1inch screen which has an OLEDdisplay.

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Camera of Samsung s21+ and iPhone 12pro

Talk about the camera of both mobiles which is an important part of any smartphone and everyone wants to get the best camera. The main camera of Samsung Galaxy s21+ is 64MP and the other two cameras are 12MP + 12MP, one with telephoto and one ultra wide. iPhone 12 pro has all three cameras of 12MP + 12MP + 12MP.

 It is good to have higher pixels in any camera because when any camera has higher pixels the camera gets advantage. When image processing is done they get more pixels which makes the image even better.

Camera comparison of Samsung galaxy s21+ and iphone 12pro

Battery of Samsung s21+ and iPhone 12pro

If we talk about battery then Samsung Galaxy s21+ has charging support of up to 25w and iPhone 12 pro is up to 18w or 20w. But Samsung Galaxy s21+ also have the power share feature so you can charge your wireless earphones as well as charge another mobile phone which supports wireless charging.

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