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PUBG Mobile, has issued hints to relaunch PUBG Mobile India Launch relaunch teaser on its social media platform.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most liked mobile video games in the country and the world. The teaser of PUBG Mobile India was recently released in the country. The company released the launch video of this game banned in India on its official YouTube channel. However, the developers deleted it shortly after uploading.

Pubg mobile coming soon in india

Penny watchers on the Internet watched the teaser video soon after it was uploaded, before it could be deleted. Although the teaser has not clarified when PUBG Mobile India will launch in India, but during this time it was written 'Coming Soon', which shows that the game is coming soon.

Ban took place in September :-

• Currently thereare rumors about the PUBG Mobile India launch date in India. The popular Battle Royale game was banned in September last year with a number of Chinese apps, but it was expected to return again at the end of the year.

• Several reports have shown that the developers are currently in talks with the Indian government to revive the game and approval is yet to be received. PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were banned in September last year in the country.

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PUBG may return to India soon :-

Krafton, the developers of PUBG Mobile, has issued hints to relaunch PUBG Mobile India on its social media platform. A teaser post was released from the official Instagram account of the game in India, in which it was clearly stated that 'a completely new PUBG Mobile is coming to India. You share it with your colleagues.

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Many changes can be found in the game

Now the company will increase the data security of its players, for which they will follow the local rules. Game developers also said that these game content will also be customized according to local needs in PUBG Mobile India.

New changes to PUBG Mobile India will include new clothes for new characters, green hit effects instead of red, and a virtual training ground setting. PUBG Corporation and parent company Krafton are planning to invest $ 100 million to expand the local video game, e-sports, entertainment and IT industry in India.

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