Flipkart and Amazon Leaving behind, these websites are selling their product at half the price, there is no shortage in quality either.

At the time of lockdown, people could not go to the market to buy goods due to restrictions on the exit of people. In such a situation, gradually online shopping is becoming the first choice of people. In today's time, most of our work has started being done online, whether it is banking or shopping. People like online shopping because they get their favorite products sitting at home at a low price. Amazon and Flipkart are counted among the major online shopping sites in the country. Today we are going to tell you about some such shopping sites, which have even beat Flipkart and Amazon in terms of offers and discounts.

Let us know which are these sites.

These sites sell the same cheaper than Flipkart and Amazon

Flipkart and Amazon are so popular in the case of online shopping because they give such amazing offers and discounts to their users from time to time, which reduces the price of each product by half or even less. Also, these products are of good quality and you can get them sitting at home. 'Meesho' and GeM are two such websites, which sell goods cheaper than amazon and Flipkart and do not make any difference in the quality of the same.

Buy clothes from Meesho

Meesho is one such online shopping website, which has become very popular recently. Due to its affordable offers, users are constantly getting attracted towards this website. Let us tell you that the clothes you buy from the market for Rs 500 to 600 can be bought from Meesho for only Rs 100-200. This website not only sells cheap goods, also, free delivery option is also given here.

GeM is also a cheaper option

GeM, i.e. Government e-Marketplace is a government marketplace where you will get everything you like and need and that too at very cheap rates. The price of goods found on Gem is much less than the market price. This is an old website but not many people know about it. You can save your lakhs of rupees by shopping from this government website.

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