The wait for the Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter is over! Will be able to take test ride from this date!

The test ride of the Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter can now be taken in 7 cities in India. Announcing this, the company has said that the electric scooter is now being made available for test ride, which is going to start in many cities in March. The Infinity E1 was introduced by the company in December 2021. The pre-bookings for the scooter had started since then and now finally the customers will be able to take its test ride as well. However, it has started in Bangalore from February 24.

The Bounce Infinity E1 price in India with battery is Rs 68,999.

The price of Infinity E1 electric scooter from Bounce is Rs 68,999. In this price it is available with battery. While the price of Infinity E1 electric scooter without battery (Infinity E1 electric scooter price without battery) is Rs 45,099. The scooter can go up to a range of 85 km on a single charge. It comes with IP67 rating and has 12 inch wheels.

Bounce has confirmed the test ride dates for its latest EV Infinity E1 electric scooter in 7 cities in India. The test ride of the Infinity E1 in Bangalore has started from February 24. The test rides in Delhi NCR will start from March 4 and 6 days after that in Kochi, its test rides will start from March 10. After that its test rides in some big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai will start from March 15. Apart from this, the company is also considering to include many more cities in this list soon.

The Bounce Infinity E1 is the first electric scooter in India to come with a swappable battery. That is, there will be no need to put it on charging every time, but the battery can be replaced directly. If you have pre-booked the scooter, then you can visit the official website of the company for a test ride. However, the company has said that a test ride schedule will be made for all Infinity E1 customers.

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