WhatsApp banned 18.58 lakh Indian accounts in a month, Know why?

WhatsApp banned 18.58 lakh Indian accounts on its platform in January. WhatsApp has taken this action after the complaints received from its users. This information has come out from the report published every month. According to this, most of the 18.58 lakh accounts were banned on the basis of their harmful behavior. WhatsApp had also received complaints about 495 Indian accounts that had appealed to ban other accounts. Taking action on behalf of WhatsApp, 24 such accounts were also banned.

The company identifies Indian accounts through a +91 ISD code preceded by a 10 digit mobile number.

According to the report, this action was taken in a month between January 1, 2022 and January 31, 2022. It is worth noting that the company identifies Indian accounts through the +91 ISD code preceded by the 10-digit mobile number. This messaging app had banned more than 20 lakh accounts in October 2021 as well. Meta-owned WhatsApp had then said that it was taking this action in compliance with the new IT Rules 2021.

After this, in November also 17 lakh 50 thousand accounts were banned. Over 20 lakh Indian accounts were processed in December. From time to time, WhatsApp removes such suspicious accounts from the Platform. The accounts received complaints on which action is taken, WhatsApp shows as "Accounts Actioned". Taking action means that either that account is being banned or the banned account is being restored again.

The new IT rules in India were implemented in May last year. According to these rules, digital platforms with more than 5 million users will have to publish compliance reports every month. In this report, all the information about the complaints received and the action taken on them will have to be given.

WhatsApp had earlier emphasized that messaging on its platform is done with the security of end-to-end encryption and WhatsApp does not have the facility to view the content. To know the behavior of any account, WhatsApp only has access to user reports, profile photos, group photos and descriptions. Apart from this, the company uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools so that the platform cannot be used for wrong purposes.

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