Airtel 5G Plus launch, 5G service will be available for free in these cities, new SIM card is needed?

Airtel 5G Plus Plans: Airtel's 5G service has been launched in 8 cities. People living in these cities can experience super fast internet speed on their 5G smartphone. For this, users will not even have to buy a new SIM card. Also, users will get better network and call connectivity. Let us know its details.

Airtel has launched its 5G service Airtel 5G Plus. If you are wondering what is the meaning of 5G Plus, then let us tell you that this is just for marketing. The service will be available only for 5G, only the name is 5G Plus. You do not need a new SIM card or recharge for Airtel 5G service.

Airtel 5G Plus service launched

It is not that you will get this service free forever. Rather, you can take advantage of it for some time. The company has launched this service in 8 cities.

By the way, the company had made its 5G service live on October 1. Airtel's 5G service will be available in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Nagpur and Varanasi. In these cities, the company will roll out 5G service in different areas in phase manner.

Who will get service?

People who have a 5G phone and live in these cities will start getting the experience of Airtel 5G Plus. For this they do not need any new recharge. Rather, consumers will get high speed internet only on the existing recharge plan.

The company will provide 5G speed for free till the full rollout. According to Airtel, consumers will get three benefits on 5G Plus. The brand says that the technology they are working on is used in ecosystems around the world.

How fast will the internet speed be?

Because of this, all the smartphones around the world will work on Airtel's 5G network. At the same time, consumers will get 20 to 30 times faster speed than the current speed. Also better voice calling experience and super fast call connectivity will be available.

On this occasion, Gopal Vital, MD and CEO of Airtel said, 'Airtel has been at the forefront of the Indian telecom revolution for the last 27 years. Our consumers are the most important thing for us.

He said, 'Our solution will therefore work on any 5G handset and existing SIM card. Airtel 5G Plus will redefine the way people communicate, live, work and more.

The company made its 5G service live on 1 October in IMC 2022 itself. Many users are also getting 5G signals and they are also getting better internet speed.

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